Product Availability and the Importance of Planning Ahead

Upgrading your outdoor space is an exciting project that will add value to your home life and property. However, the global supply chain has been a challenge over the past year. Paired with a recent surge in demand for building materials, product availability dates may be affected.

Rest assured that we are doing everything we can to help minimize the strained global supply chain’s impact. For example, we are: 

  • Continuing to improve production efficiencies and capacity 
  • Expediting product shipments from suppliers, and  
  • Keeping our partners informed of changes to better serve you

That said, we recommend that potential delays in product availability be taken into consideration when planning your projects. Availability varies based on the selected products – your contractor or authorized Techo-Bloc dealer will be your best resource.

While these challenges can cause some inconveniences, the good news is that with proper planning and communication with our network of dealers and contractors, you can still get the outdoor space of your dreams!

For a step-by-step guide to planning your landscape renovation project, we invite you to download our Backyard Planning Guide.


Techo-Bloc B2B Marketing Director, Alexandre Cadieux, gives an update regarding product availability.